Forensic accounting lends itself to a broad range of applications. We are often retained to analyze, interpret, summarize and present intricate financial issues in an understandable manner. Our experienced professionals have the background and education that enables them to develop a clear and relevant financial picture of complex situations. The Certified Fraud Examiner designation is acknowledgment of an advanced level of knowledge and expertise in the highly specialized aspects of detecting, investigating, and deterring fraud and white-collar crime.

When engaged, the Quantum professional assigned to you can be of value in performing the following activities:
  • Determine if embezzlement or fraud has occurred.
  • Determine if money or assets have been hidden or concealed.
  • Identify financial and accounting irregularities and misconduct.
  • Examine accounting records and procedures, income tax returns, and all other aspects of the financial activities of a firm or an individual.
  • Determine whether internal controls and procedures are adequate to prevent fraud, as well as recommend changes to these controls to ensure that fraud is minimized.

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